Panda 3200 rpm Portable Spin Dryer 110V/22lbs Stainless Steel Review

4.8 out of 5
24 Dec 2017
Panda 3200 rpm Portable Spin Dryer 110V/22lbs Stainless Steel
panda 3200 rpm portable spin dryer 110v 22lbs stainless steel
4.8 out of 5
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When looking for a new clothes dryer, it's important to look at all options and buy one that is well known and worth the price. Our analysis of the Panda 3200 rpm Portable Spin Dryer 110V/22lbs Stainless Steel should give you a pretty good idea about whether or not it's the correct clothes dryer for you. The customer opinions are also always worth looking into, because they will help you see what users have to say about this product.


This product is amongst the most popular clothes dryers. The data that we've got shows that it's more popular than the majority of items in the same category within our database. If you check out the user opinions, you'll be able to get a good set of opinions on the item before you purchase.

Comparison Table

panda 3200 rpm portable spin dryer 110v 22lbs stainless steel

lg dlgx8101v 29 gas dryer with 90 cu ft capacity 14 dry cycles 5 temperature settings steam cycle in graphite steel

samsung dv45h6300eg 75 cu ft front load electric steam dryer with vent sensor onyx

Editor Rating:
4.8 out of 5
4.1 out of 5
4.4 out of 5
  • Stainless steel drum to ensure long life.110V outlet, plug anywhere you like. Household use only. Large capacity, easy mobility and portable to carry around
  • Perfect for Apartments, Dorms, RV, Boat, Travel. Space Saver. Match with various choice of Panda Portable Washing Machine as a set
  • Gets washing almost dry (not 100% dry, slightly damp) and saves line time. Dramatically speeds up drying for hand washing. Bring efficiency, safety and economy to your washing
  • Gravity draining means the product can go anywhere without being located to a sink or drain. Just place a small bucket under the outlet to catch the water.
    • 13 preset dry cycles, 11 options, 5 temperature settings, 5 dry levels, plus drying rack and Eco Dry
    • Steam drying technology including steam refresh and steam wrinkle away
    • Sensor Dry detects moisture and adjusts drying time
    • Vent sensor detects problems and reminds you to clean your vent
    • 4-way venting
    Color:Stainless SteelStainless SteelOnyx
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    User Reviews

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    With a spin speed of 3200rpm this gravity drain spin dryer from Panda is designed to remove as much excess moisture as possible from your laundry, thereby reducing drying times and costs and helping to prolong the life of your laundered items by removing more harmful mineral deposits and detergents... show full review

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    A 4.8 out of 5 score means the Panda 3200 rpm Portable Spin Dryer 110V/22lbs Stainless Steel is definitely worth taking a look at. There are other sites where you’re able to find more detailed facts on this item. It's great to check out what other folks are saying about it, so you might like to examine Amazon's reviews by customers for this item. This item has received a reasonably high score, though it is usually a good idea to look at what others have to say about it. You can find the greatest deals at Amazon, and so we would thoroughly advise utilizing them to buy whatever you need.
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